ConFuzzled 2024

HELLO. Want to submit an event for ConFuzzled to consider? You're in the right place.

Your event idea will probably fall into one of three groups:

I've done this event before at a previous con and it was great and want to do it again

Awesome. Then go through the form and tell us all about it! How was the room? How were the numbers? How is this year's show different to a previous one? Give as much info as you can be about the event, what the Events team can do to help and how best to accommodate the event.

I've had an idea for an event I'd like to host.

Great! Let's hear it. Be as descriptive as possible in explaining how you see the event running, what you need to make it work, and what purpose the event forms, ie, educational, interactive, social, etc etc. We can then work with you on hosting an awesome event.

I think you should do my event idea but I don't want to host it or take part.

Smashing! The more ideas the better. Lots of people submit ideas every year but don't want to host them for a number of reasons. If you think you've had an idea that fits in with the con theme, or something you feel has been missing from previous cons but would like to see it hosted by the Events team, let us know! Fire in your suggestion with as much insight as you can. If we think it's a good idea too and put it in we can get back in touch to help build upon it.

Whichever group your event goes into, remember this important note: There is no guarantee at this point that any submitted event will definitely make it on to the schedule.