ConFuzzled 2022

HEY I've got a great idea for a ConFuzzled event!

Sounds good! Let's find out a bit more about it! In this submission screen we'll ask you for details about your event idea.

Important: Submitting an event here is not a guarantee your event will run at the con. We get hundreds of event ideas every year and we unfortunately have to say no to some of them. We have a dedicated events team who will be looking through each submission and we will try to make room for as much stuff as we can!

As per the code of conduct, NSFW event submissions will be rejected.

What is the proposed name of your event? (This will be shown in the conbook!) This content will be shown publicly.
Is this an interactive panel? A talk? A stage show? A meetup? Pick your category and duration.
Be as descriptive as possible! Write it as if you're summarising it for the conbook, be as excited about it as you like! This content will be shown publicly.
How long do you anticipate the event going on for?
Put "1" if this event is only happening once, or another number if it happens multiple times across the con.
Some events are filmed for CFzTV. Tick the box if you don't want this. (Note: Not ticking the box does not mean your event will definitely be filmed)
The duration in minutes. Leave empty for default duration for this submission type.
If you are hosting this event with somebody else, please add their email address here, and we will invite them to create an account. If you have more than one co-speaker, you can add more speakers after finishing the submission process.